Support / Development

We take care of comprehensive management and administration of the property after the investment project is completed and the occupancy permit is obtained.

As part of the cooperation, we provide:

 Takeover of the property from the general contractor,
Administration on behalf of and for the developer,
Establishment of a housing association.

As part of the property takeover from the general contractor:

We participate in the acceptance of the common part of the property and inspections,
We take over the documentation of the property – we catalogue it and prepare it for delivery to the community,
We facilitate contact between the developer, external companies, property owners and users,
We verify the formal and actual condition of the property and keep a list of premises and their owners,
We provide technical support for the security of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,
In cooperation with you, we prepare a proposal to optimise costs for utilities and other services, we negotiate contracts with suppliers.

As part of administration on behalf of and for the developer:

• We prepare a property management model,
• We take care of inspections and maintenance works, we create and keep a Construction Book,
• We take care of cleanliness,
• We deal with the removal of failures and their effects,
• We supervise the process of reporting and removing defects / failures – we monitor deadlines,
• We settle utilities (hot water, cold water, central heating),
• We handle invoices,
• We submit an insurance proposal in cooperation with brokers.

As part of the establishment of the housing association:

• We create a housing association. We register it with the Central Statistical Office, the Tax Office, we submit bank offers for a bank account,
• We deal with assignments of contracts ensuring the smooth operation of the community,
• We prepare an annual budget for the common property,
 We develop and prepare complaint and defect removal procedures, community regulations, order regulations and others.

If you are interested in our services – call us or write to us – we will adjust our services for you.

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Development consultancy

If you have a development project planned, we can support you in the entire process from the start of construction to the building's commissioning.

We will support you in the following fields related to the project:
• Administration of formal and legal documentation related to the planned investment/development project,
• Supervision and control of the implementation schedule of a development project,
• Cooperation with all participants of the process and coordination of activities (investor, general contractor, buyers of premises),
• Control of formal documents, that is, insurance and guarantees, administrative decisions,
• Supervision of costs, settlement of additional, replacement and abandoned works,
• Ongoing analysis of threats related to the development project and support in the implementation of corrective solutions,
• Cooperation in the acceptance process: preparation of specifications of defects, faults and supervision of their timely removal,
• We handle all necessary correspondence with the owners of premises, offices and other stakeholders,
• We prepare and agree on procedures and deliver acceptance documents,
• We hand over the property to the selected manager / administrator / community, along with all necessary documents.

Is there anything else we can do for you? Call us or write to us – we will adapt our services to your needs.

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