Our services

Daruma Sp. z o.o. is a team of professionals from many fields, reliably cooperating to increase the comfort of using buildings and increase the value of real estate through active management. We offer full commitment, support and comprehensive property management in Łódź. We provide services to housing association in the field of broadly understood real estate services, in particular management, administration, accounting services, debt collection, general legal and technical services. The detailed scope of our services depends on the needs of a given property.

Scope of administrative services: 

registration of a housing community in the Central Statistical Office, Tax Office, establishment and operation of a bank account,
taking over the property together with accounting, technical and legal documents,
developing specimens of resolutions, regulations and other legal acts,
preparation of draft economic plans,
• comprehensive organisation and conduct of community meetings, preparation of information materials for meetings,
keeping a list of owners of premises, address details and the amount of their share in the common property,
supervision over the correct implementation of concluded contracts,
• insurance of common property and ensuring the continuity of insurance policies.
Scope of financial and accounting services:

keeping non-accounting records of common property maintenance costs and records of advances made to cover these costs in accordance with applicable law and housing association resolutions,
 settlements with utilities and service providers,
 preparation of annual financial statements,
• preparation of tax returns,
• monitoring the timeliness of payments from owners and their collection,
settlement of utilities used in the premises,
representation of the housing association before the offices and institutions.

Scope of technical service:

keeping a construction book, in accordance with applicable law,
keeping documentation related to the removal of warranty defects, reporting of defects in the common part, keeping a list of reported defects along with the status of their implementation,
preparation of renovation plans,
supervision over the performance of obligatory general construction inspections, chimney inspections, gas and electrical inspections,
supervision of works carried out in the property,
ensuring immediate removal of failures and their effects,
preparation of tenders and inquiries regarding the selection of contractors for renovation and maintenance works.
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