What does it mean in Daruma?

We go beyond the scope of the current, secure administration of the building. We manage the building, we care for the undisturbed stay of our tenants, we care for the technical efficiency of our buildings.

Who is our offer aimed at? 

Companies looking for an office or warehouse for their own business, as well as for commercial property owners for whom we can provide real estate management or administration services.

We deal with properties comprehensively, which is why we are distinguished above all by:
taking care of the formal and legal side of the property and the whole spectrum of related issues,
• focusing on ensuring the maximisation of revenues and the possible quick rate of return on investment in real estate,
• constant observation of the market in order to search for new sources of income or to provide new services, as well as possible technological solutions that will increase the value of the property,

• sensible investment to ensure the Company's long-term operation in the property rental market,
taking care of the technical safety of buildings by supervising technical inspections, maintenance works,
taking care of the commercialisation of buildings so that they bring their owners the expected revenues.

We are professionals with many years of experience. We specialise in operating properties related to pharmacy. We have properties for rent and sale.

We have professional civil liability insurance of the real estate administrator for the amount of cover of EUR 50,000

Trust us. If you see areas of possible cooperation – call us, write to us – we will adapt our services to your needs.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

We manage and rent warehouses in GK Pelion. We manage real estate in 12 major Polish cities, including: Katowice, Sosnowiec, Lublin, Poznań, Łódź, Szczecin, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Dywity, Bydgoszcz, and Kraków. Our main customers are DOZ SA, PGF SA, Urtica Sp. z o.o., and Pharmalink Sp. z o.o. They are leaders on the Polish pharmaceutical market. We support their businesses.


We rent and manage warehouses. 

We take care of them by ensuring technical security, providing specialised services and investing to guarantee the comfort of our tenants. 

We are located all over Poland. Our warehouses are used mainly by Polish Pharmaceutical Group S.A. to conduct their business. 

We want every tenant to be able to run their business without any interruptions and complications. 

Service Premises

Our premises are scattered all over the country. We take care of them by ensuring technical security, providing specialised services and handling formal and legal matters. 

Our premises house mainly DOZ pharmacies. We rent premises also to medical outpatient clinics. We provide support to DOZ SA so that it can sell pharmaceutical products in an uninterrupted manner. 

We also rent and sell commercial premises which can be used for any activity.

Office premises

We manage 30 thousand m2 of office space. 

Our office premises are located in the largest cities in Poland. 

Our services are addressed to potential tenants and property owners interested in cooperation. 

Our portfolio includes office properties of different standards and varying sizes, with access to rest and refreshments rooms and conference rooms. We also offer the possibility of adapting the space to the tenant’s needs. 

If you look for an office for your company, please check out our services. 

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